Reshaping Space

In computer language, modifier keys unveil new and hidden functions when paired with other variables. Here, Alt+Shift_ is open-ended, implying the multiplicity of ways in which the creative process can prompt a shift in sensing, proprioception, and actualization. It proposes a journey towards alternate human-non-human relations in the world using technology to reshape space.

Alt+Shift_ is a 12-person exhibition for the Concordia Intermedia Arts Graduating Class of 2023. Embedding central themes of reflection, relationality, and transformation; Alt+Shift_ occupies space with process-based inquiries through a transdisciplinary assemblage of artworks. By populating the gallery with digital media, bio-materiality, sound, and robotics, these emerging artists reveal their unique methods of research-creation.

This thematic proposes hybrid approaches with alt+shift-ing perspectives embedded within each work, emphasizing continuous renewal and re-imaginings within contemporary discourse. Some of these shifts are generated through memory and trauma, while others alternate on notions of embodiment and feltness. Landscapes are fragmented and re-envisioned as new ecologies of growth. Understanding the relation of ‘care’ affectively brings into view the curatorial relation between the individual and the greater collective.

In each work, a hidden key function is revealed and materialized in the gallery space. The collective result is a rich network of transformation/s that enables curiosity through careful becomings.


Alexa Gaspard

Rebecca Wheeler

Carlos Torres

Gabi Balcaen


Julianne Reid

Mauricio Rincon

Julien Darling-Funk

Matthew Galamaga

Mila & HK Jackson

Sophie Richardson

Manuela Jara


Vernissage: April 14, 7:00 PM - 10:00 pm

Exhibition Dates: April 14 - 16

Location: Eastern Bloc
53 &, 55 Rue de Louvain O, Suite 480